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M/s Kawsar Engineering (pvt) Ltd. aims to set standards in every field we enter. Customer satisfaction, quality, and innovations according to the new era are reflected in every aspect of our manufacturing process. KAWSAR today is a hallmark of trust and reliability. M/s Kawsar Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. has started manufacturing uPVC pipes and uPVC Fittings since the year 2004. Our company has the capability to understand & appreciate our client’s need for best quality, faster service, and reliability. Our basic Motto is Our Excellence in our products’ quality” which applies to our products, workmanship & latest technology for the smooth operation of business.

The manufacturing plant of M/s Kawsar Engineering (Pvt Ltd. is equipped with advanced technology to manufacture a wide range of PVC Pipes and PVC fittings. M/s Kawsar uPVC pipes and fittings are manufactured in compliance with Pakistani standards i.e. PSQCA Standards, American Standards (ASTM), British Standards (BS) and German Standards (DIN).

The quality of Pipes depends on the degree of technical skill, experience, production technology, and good management. This is why KAWSAR employs highly skilled and experienced labor, utilizes the most advanced technology on its production line, and retains the modern management system. Kawsar uPVC Fittings have distinctive features like efficiency, durability, reliability, and easy installation. Our company uPVC fittings are highly demanded by our valued clients in the entire country of Pakistan. Moreover, M/s Kawsar Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. has a laboratory equipped with the latest technology and we conduct various tests on various parameters at our laboratory so as to ensure their compliance with international standards.

M/s Kawsar Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. uPVC fittings are available in different sizes ranging from 2″ to 8″ and produced from high-standard raw materials procured from in-house producers like Engro Polymers and Chemicals Ltd. and through imports, are meant for connections in potable water supply, pressure systems, sewerage, drainage, housing, industrial, chemical effluents, and others. Water is one of the most important compounds contributing to human life; KAWSAR uPVC PIPES AND FITTINGS carry this vital fluid to your households in an easy and healthy way at a low cost.

Advantages of Kawsar uPVC Fittings:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to install
  • High flow rate
  • Not dangerous to Human Life, non-toxic, non-cancerogeneous
  • Low cost of transportation
  • Non-conductor of electricity
  • Fireproof, will not support combustion
  • Unaffected by fungus or bacteria and its termite and weather-resistant
  • Has a much longer service life compared to other piping systems
  • Has high resistance against corrosion
  • Can easily be connected to any kind of pipe. Due to the low cost of Plumbing, it has a wide range of applications

Kawsar uPVC Fittings are Suitable For:

  • Water Supply
  • Pressure Piping
  • Sewerage
  • Vent & Drain System
  • Irrigation
  • Potable Water Supply
  • Chemical Installation
  • Water treatment
  • Swimming Pools
  • Foodstuff Industries
  • Compressed Air & Liquids
  • Industrial Piping
  • KAWSAR uPVC Fittings are suitable for any make of pipe made according to the International Standards

Physical, Thermal & Mechanical Properties

  • Specific Gravity 1 .43
  • Opacity < 0.05%
  • Water Absorption 2.4 mg/cm2
  • Inflammability will not support combustion.
  • Vic at Softening Point 80 Oeg. C 2
  • Tensile strength (N/mm2) 525 kglcm
  • Elongation at Break Point 60%
  • Impact Strength (izod, Jim 120 Jim)
  • K value 58
  • Shore Hardness 80
  • Hydraulic Test up to 500 PSI

uPVC 90 Black


uPVC 45 White


uPVC Double 45


uPVC 90 White


uPVC Single 45


uPVC Double 90

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