Purposeful Design Hand Pumps

Purposeful Design Hand Pumps

Experience the Innovation – The ASIA Hand Pump, a miniature Afridev water pump, is here to make a profound impact on water access in regions like Afghanistan. Named “ASIA” due to its extensive installation in Afghanistan, this innovation is a result of collaborative efforts by prominent organizations like DACAAR (Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees) and UNICEF Afghanistan.

The ASIA Hand Pump is designed with a specific focus on regions with economic constraints, where water is a precious resource. Engineered to match the specifications of SKAT-HTN Switzerland, this pump features a 50mm diameter open-top UPVC brass-lined cylinder assembly with an extractable plunger and foot valve assemblies.

The ASIA Hand Pump is not just a technology; it’s a lifeline for communities facing water challenges. With its thoughtful design, reliability, and ease of maintenance, it exemplifies progress through innovation. Join us in bringing sustainable water solutions to the forefront. Discover the ASIA Hand Pump and be a part of transforming lives through accessible water.

Asia Hand Pump remarkable capabilities

  • Water level setting depth: Up to 25 meters
  • Minimum bore diameter: 100mm
  • Discharge per stroke: 440ml
  • Discharge per 60 strokes/minute: 24 liters
  • Discharge per hour: 900 liters
  • PVC Riser Pipe: 63mm OD * 4.7mm wall thickness
  • MS/SS Connecting Rod Diameter: 10mm
  • Stroke Length: 225±6mm

Exceptional Features, Exceptional Benefits

  • Suitable for depths up to 20 meters, catering to boreholes and hand-dug wells
  • Interchangeable parts with Afridev Hand Pump, enhancing practicality
  • Lightweight construction for ease of handling
  • Non-adjustable yet lighter handle, optimizing usability
  • Ingenious Construction for Reliable Performance

Ingenious Construction for Reliable Performance

The ASIA Hand Pump is an assembly of four vital components, meticulously crafted for enduring performance

Pump Head Assembly

A fully galvanized steel structure with an adjustable handle, offering different settings for various cylinder depths. The conical flange with rubber grommet ensures a secure hold on the UPVC Riser Pipe.

Cylinder Assembly

The heart of the pump, this assembly includes a UPVC pipe lined with a seamless brass liner, accommodating interchangeable plunger and foot valves. Innovative features like an extraction-friendly foot valve.

Riser Pipe

Connecting the cylinder to the pump head, the uPVC pipe is 63mm OD * 4.7mm thick. With socket-spigot cemented joints and rubber pipe centralizers, water passage is optimized while preventing casing pipe contact.

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