Introducing the AFRIDEV PAMIR Deep Well Hand Pump

Introducing the AFRIDEV PAMIR Deep Well Hand Pump

Designed to overcome the challenges faced in regions where the water table lies below 50 meters, the AFRIDEV PAMIR Hand Pump stands as a groundbreaking solution. Developed through collaborative efforts of UN agencies, NGOs, and SKAT (Swiss Center for Development Cooperation in Technology and Management), this hand pump is tailored to efficiently extract water from significant depths, catering to the diverse needs of communities across Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Experience the groundbreaking technology and exceptional design of the AFRIDEV PAMIR Deep Well Hand Pump – a solution engineered to uplift communities through efficient and reliable water extraction from even the most challenging depths.

Pump Specifications

  • Pump Type: AFRIDEV PAMIR deep well hand pump, crafted in accordance with SKAT-HTN Switzerland specifications.
  • Cylinder Assembly: Equipped with a 50mm diameter open-top UPVC brass-lined cylinder assembly, featuring an extractable plunger and foot valve assemblies.
  • Recommended Depth: Optimal for water level settings up to 90 meters.
  • Bore Size: Minimum internal diameter of bore required is 100 millimeters.
  • Discharge Rate: Delivering an approximate discharge of 440ml per stroke, translating to 20 liters per 60 strokes per minute, or an impressive 720 liters per hour.
  • Riser Pipe: Utilizes a PVC riser pipe measuring 63mm in outer diameter with a wall thickness of 4.7mm.
  • Connecting Rod: Manufactured from MS/SS materials, boasting a diameter of 10mm and a double-hook design.
  • Stroke Length: Offers a stroke length of 225mm, with a variance of ±6mm.

Riser Pipe

  • Links the cylinder to the pump head, serving as a conduit for water.
  • Constructed from uPVC material, featuring a 63mm outer diameter and a wall thickness of 4.7mm.
  • Each pipe is equipped with a rubber pipe centralizer to prevent contact with casing pipe, ensuring efficient operation.

Salient Features

  • Capable of lifting water from depths reaching up to 80 meters.
  • Versatile application, suitable for boreholes with similar casing dimensions as Afridev Water Hand Pumps, as well as hand-dug wells.
  • Retains key components from the Afridev Hand Pump, including the pump body, stand, top cover, rubber and plastic parts, and cylinder (except for plunger rods).
  • Features a robust and heavy handle equipped with ball bearings, providing enhanced durability and efficiency.
  • Employs a “Double Hook & Eye” pump rod design, setting it apart from conventional Afridev Hand Pumps.

Cylinder Assembly Details

  • UPVC pipe measuring 63mm in outer diameter, lined with a seamless brass liner (50mm inner diameter, 700mm length).
  • Interchangeable plunger and foot valves crafted from injection molded delrin and stainless steel.
  • Foot valve incorporates a pick-up device for simplified removal without disassembling the riser pipe.
  • Utilizes nitride rubber U-seals, bobbins steel, and O rings, with a stainless steel plunger rod (also compatible with mild steel).
  • Larger diameter extension pipe at the cylinder base minimizes sand and silt intake.
  • Equipped with a sleeve for guiding the plastic rope during installation and maintenance.

Construction Highlights

  • Fabricated using fully galvanized steel, ensuring robustness and longevity.
  • Adjustable handle with various settings to accommodate different cylinder depths.
  • Conical flange with rubber grommet ensures secure connection with UPVC riser pipe.
  • Equipped with special grade plastic bush bearings for the fulcrum and rod hanger pins, facilitating easy replacement at a village level.
  • Comprehensive coverage to safeguard water quality. Boasts a stroke length of 225mm for efficient pumping.

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