Kawsar PPRC Pipes

KAWSAR PPRC PIPES & FITTINGS is a versatile, and comprehensive system for water and other fluid delivery, is used in applications of pressurized warm or cold water in all modern residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The creative solutions provided by KAWSAR in its product base renders it a leader in the construction industry.

A random copolymer grade of polypropylene called PPRC was especially developed for engineering applications with certain stringent requirements. PPRC is characterized by excellent physical and chemical properties even at elevated temperatures. Compression strength, elasticity, corrosion, chemical and heat resistance are just some of these properties. Kawsar PPRC piping system has proven its high resilience even at the most extreme conditions.

Kawsar PPRC Piping System is made from Polypropylene Random Co-polymer – a 100% certified food grade material, where its granule characteristics enable to obtain an extruded pipe with smooth internal walls causing the entire system to be very efficient. Alpha PPR-C piping system is manufactured in conformity with DIN 8077/8078.

Kawsar PPRC piping system has the following range of pipes (20 mm -110 mm) and complete array of fittings with a pressure rating of PN 10-20.

General Applications Of PPRC Pipes

  • Rainwater Utilization Systems
  • Compressed-air Plants
  • Swimming Pool Facilities
  • Agriculture And Horticulture
  • Geothermal Recovery
  • Transport Of Aggressive Fluids (acids, Chemicals Etc.
  • Liquid Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • For Cold And Hot Water Installations
  • Residential Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Office And
  • School Buildings, Ship Buildings, Sports Facilities
  • House Connection, Boiler Connection
  • Water Distribution, Riser,
  • High Rise (conventional Water Point Connection.

Advantages Of PPRC Pipes

  • Resistance Against Chemicals
  • Smell and Taste Neutrality
  • High Impact Rate
  • Heat And Sound Insulating Characteristics
  • Very Good Welding Properties
  • Sanitized
  • Resistant to high temperature (95 degrees)
  • No Insulation required.
  • Heat preservation and energy saving.
  • High Flow : Smooth interior surface results
  • No friction giving high flow.
  • High durability with minimum 50 years life span.
  • Health : Hygienic and low bacterial growth

PPRC Pipes Dimensions in Millimetres

Code mm Inch
KPP20 20 1/2″
KPP25 25 3/4″
KPP32 32 1″
KPP40 40 1- 1/4″
KPP50 50 1- 1/2″
KPP63 63 2″
KPP75 75 2- 1/2″
KPP90 90 3″
KPP110 110 4″

PPRC Pipes Dimensions in Millimetres



DIN 8077 Polypropylene, Dimensions.
DIN 8078 Polypropylene pipes, General Quality Requirements and Testing
DIN 16962 Pipe Joint Assemblies and fittings for polypropylene Pressure Pipes

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