PVC Pressure Pipes


Kawsar Pipe’s plumbing and Pressure products are manufactured to meet the requirements of ASTM D1785 for Schedules 40 and 80, ASTM D2665 for Drain, Waste, and Vent, and F891. Our products not only conform to ASTM requirements but meet rigorous internal standards for material, dimensions and tolerances to ensure problem-free installations in the field.

Kawsar Also Produces PVC Pressure Pipes as Per BS 3505 and DIN 8061 & DIN 8062.

Range of Kawsar PVC Pressure Pipes:

Sizes Range:

From ½” to 24”


  • Water Supply
  • Pressure Piping
  • Industrial and Commercial Water Distribution
  • Irrigation
  • Potable Water Supply
  • Drain, Vent and Waste
  • Chemical Installation
  • Water Treatment            
  • Food Stuff Industries