PVC Pipes & Fittings

Kawsar uses the Best quality PVC resin and compound to ensure that desirable physical properties are maintained with every production run. Kawsar PVC piping exhibits exceptional consistent quality with uniform properties; making it the preferred choice of fabricators and custom houses. Kawsar’s product line has grown to include standard and custom extrusions of PVC pipe in schedules 40, 80, and 120; as well as SDR series pipe produced to 13.5, 21, 26 and 41 dimensions. In addition to a full range of sizes, Kawsar also offers various options including: belled end, gasket end/Z-joint and threaded pipe ends, as well as custom dimensions and lengths.

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Kawsar PVC pipe is ideal for numerous applications including chemical processing, high purity applications, water and waste water treatment, potable water systems, agricultural, irrigation, plating, and many other industrial applications involving corrosive fluid transfer. Kawsar PVC Pipes have a wide range of products in PVC for different usage as below:








PVC Well Casing and Screen Pipes


PVC Fittings

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