High density polythelence KawsarHDPE Conduit, with its high performance characteristics, crush strength , bending radius, and superior pulling ability, gives buried cable much needed security and protection against road utility construction, random dig ups, and rodent damage. Cable and fiber optic Its high tensile strength-to-weight ratio, superior crush resistance, and low coefficient of friction when installing cable makes it ideal for directional boring. HDPE IS Non metallic flexible race way offering a protective pathway for cables and wires, and is used in underground\or inner duct applications.
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  • Meets NEMA Tc7
  • Long term strength for extended life and performance
  • Strength to withstand external loads.
  • Lightweight and flexible, allowing for various installation methods
  • Low Coefficient of friction, allowing longer and faster cable installations.
  • Mechanical protection for Cables.
  • Resistance to corrosive chemical and aggressive soils
  • Moister free and water tight
  • Protection against rodents
  • Available in long length requiring fewer joints, lowering installation costs.
  • Heat fused, fully restrained, leak-proof joints
  • Durability ,long –term sustained strength and integrity
  • Non-Toxic, environmentally safe
  • Ease of handling, shipping, and identification




Kawsar HDPE conduit has been used by leading data and communication network builders. Kawsar.Conduit houses and protect Fiber Optic cable as well as any other type of data or communication transmission lines. It can be used for everything from cable TV in residential construction, domestic and international telephone networks, intra-city fiber optic and long distance and city fiber optic networks. The flexibility of our pipe for ease of installation ,it may be pulled in through existing conduit, buried in open trench, and run above ground.




Kawsar HDPE Conduit design operating temperature range is from 100F to 140F Cold ambient temperature does not have an adverse effect on conduit strength or characteristics.

The maximum safe pressure for a given Kawsar HDPE Pipe is determined by the pipe’s wall thickness and Hydrostatic Design Basis (HDB), the PE pipe Industry’s pressure rating method. The resultant maximum safe pressure is then modified by a design factor of 0.32(established by the Department of Transportation, USA) to arrive at a design pressure rating or the safety factor can be customized to a clients particular requirement.




Installation of Kawsar HDPE Conduit Pipe is similar to that of standard cable systems conduit can be trench-laid ,plowed directionally bored. Although benign to chemically aggressive native soil, installation of Kawsar HDPE Conduit in soils contaminated with organic solvents (oil,gasoline) is not recommended.




Properly designed and installed, Kawsar HDPE Conduit system require little on-going maintenance.Kawsar Hdpe is resistant to most ordicany chemicals and because it is non- conducting it is not susceptible to galvanic corrosion nor will it contribute to electrical interference.

Because the pipes can be produced as a coil, they provide advantages in furnishing. Because the welding quantity decreases, the short lines can be furnished and they provide fitting and workmanship savings.

In order to cancel out the natural gas leakage probability from the weld, only electro fusion welding is used which is the most safe welding method. The current is passed from the copper wires which are placed inside the fittings. The wire in which the current is passed is heated. The released energy melts the plastic. The volume of the melted plastic increases and melts the pipe by contacting with it. The molecular welding is performed with the pressure strength which is formed by the compaction in the intermediary region. It does not get harmed in earthquakes with its flexible structure and it eliminates the explosion risk.

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