PVC ( Polyvinyl Chloride) Electrical Conduit


PVC conduit is the lightest in weight compared to other conduit materials, and usually lower in cost than other forms of conduit. It is available in three different wall thicknesses, with the thin-wall variety only suitable for embedded use in concrete, and heavier grades suitable for direct burial and exposed work. The various fittings made for metal conduit are also made for PVC. The plastic material resists moisture and many corrosive substances, but since the tubing is non-conductive an extra bonding (grounding) conductor must be pulled into each conduit.

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PVC conduit may be heated and bent in the field. Joints to fittings are made with slip-on solvent-welded connections,which set up rapidly after assembly and attain full strength in about one day. Since slip-fit sections do not need to be rotated during assembly. Since PVC conduit has a higher thermal coefficient of expansion than other types, it must be mounted so as to allow for expansion and contraction of each run. Care should be taken when installing PVC underground in multiple or parallel run configurations due to mutual heating effect of cable

KAWSAR meets the requirements prescribed by the following standards organizations:

1) National Electrical Manufacturer's Association (NEMA - USA)
2) American Society for Testing & Material, (ASTM)
3) British Standards Conduits for Electrical Installation.


Product Specification



This specification designates general requirements for 5" through 6" diameter polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Electrical Conduit and Power Duct pipe for the conveyance of electrical wires in above/below ground and/or indoor applications.

KAWSAR offers a complete line of Electrical Conduit and Power Duct pipe products which include: Schedule 40 and 80 Conduit (NEMA TC-2, ANSI/UL651), Encased and Direct Burial Conduit (ASTM F512, NEMA TC-6 & 8 and/or ANSI/UL 651A), and Type C Telephone Duct. All KAWSAR Electrical Conduit and Power Duct pipe products are offered in 4 meters laying lengths (10 foot and 20 foot lengths are also manufactured on special order by customer. This means that more ground can be covered during installation while eliminating the cost of unnecessary joints.


KAWSAR Schedule 40 and 80 Electrical Conduit shall be made from quality PVC resin, compounded to provide physical and mechanical properties as defined in ANSI/ UL 651 and NEMA TC-2.




Applications and Advantages

KAWSAR produces a wide variety of conduit pipe suitable for most applications. KAWSAR Schedule 40 and 80 products are rated for 90° C conductors and conform to ANSI/UL 651 and NEMA TC-2. This conduit is designed with safety in mind and can be used in a variety of everyday applications. KAWSAR offers telephone duct for networking applications. KAWSAR telephone duct is made in compliance with ASTM F512 and/or other specified specifications for consistency and safety.



KAWSAR electrical products are suitable for use as electrical Conduit and/or power duct. Provisions must be made for expansion and contraction of the pipe structure. The bell section shall be designed to meet the requirements of the appropriate specification for the pipe. Sizes and dimensions shall be as shown in this specification.



PVC non-metallic conduit will expand and contract with temperature variations. The amount of movement due to temperature changes can be determined from the chart on the following pages. The coefficient of thermal expansion of KAWSAR PVC conduit is 3.0 x 10-5 in/ in/°F. If major temperature variations are expected, the use of expansion joints should be considered and should be installed in accordance with the engineer’s design.


KAWSAR Electrical Conduit unaffected by electrolytic or galvanic corrosion, or any known corrosive soil or water condition.


This PVC pipe has a smooth interior that allows for wires to be pulled through easily without hanging or binding. KAWSAR pipe is carefully designed and manufactured to provide an interior surface that will not nick or tear the wiring insulation.


KAWSAR’s Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC rigid nonmetallic conduit is designed and produced for use in both above ground and underground installations.


  • Highest quality control standards
  • Compliance to ANSI/UL 651 and NEMA TC-2
  • Rated for use with 90 º C conductors
  • Light weight
  • Ultraviolet protection
  • High impact and deformation proper ties
  • Solvent cemented joints
  • Superior Dielectric Strength
  • Smooth solid wall
  • Easy installation

KAWSAR Rigid PVC Electrical Plastic Tubing (EPT) & Conduit( EPC-40 and EPC-80)


KAWSAR Rigid PVC Utilities Duct for Underground Installation

NEMA TC-6 and ASTM F 512 Dimension


Support of Kawsar PVC Conduit in Above Ground Installations







NEMA TC-8 and ASTM F 512 Dimension


KAWSAR PVC Electrical Conduit Pipes as per BS-6099

Pvc Electrical Conduit Pipe Specification BS-6099

Non Pressure Pvc For Drain Sewer Pipe Specifications

Pvc Electrical Conduit Pipe Specification

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