Safety and Environment Friendly

Kawsar pipes and Kawsar water Hand pump system feature not only a long service life, but also excellent environmental and social compatibility. Since its inception, Kawsar has always placed emphasis on the fact that its products and manufacturing processes should not pollute our sensitive ecosystems and ensured development of fully recyclable materials which Kawsar PPR-C pipe systems fulfill ecological standards, which are demanded today.

Material is used for manufacture of Kawsar products. To ensure its environmental compatibility, all contained additives are extensively tested, not only by Kawsar own laboratory, but also by prominent independent laboratories

Kawsar products is recyclable and can be ground melted and reutilized for various applications e.g. There are no polluting substances either in its processing or in its disposal.

The environmentally friendly and hygienically enhanced, potable water pipe system, made by Kawsar is physiologically and microbiologically harmless Hygienic and low bacterial growth. The technical suitability of Kawsar PPR piping system has been evident all over.

Kawsar Hand pump products are hard deep galvanized for resistance for corrosion. Kawsar has always emphasized on its philosophy, that ecological and economic interests should not be contradictory, neither during production and sales, nor in the application product.

Approved by the Health Organization, Eco-Friendly Quality, Temperature Resistance Qualityetc, puts Kawsar products & fittings as the best selection.