Afridev Pamir Hand Pump

For those areas where water table was lower than 50 m, Afridev Hand Pumps were not working properly. The UN agencies and other NGO’S who were involved in Drinking Water sector working in Pakistan as well as inside Afghanistan started Research to find such Hand Pumps that can easily lift water from the desired depth. Finally SKAT (Swiss Center for Development Cooperation in Technology and Management), the designer of Afridev, took initiative to design Afridev Deep well (Pamir) Hand Pumps.

Pump Type: Afridev PAMIR deep well hand pump as per SKAT-HTN Switzerland specifications, with 50mm dia open top, UPVC brass lined cylinder assembly with extractable plunger and foot valves assemblies.


Recommended for water level setting depth:
up to 90 Meter.
Minimum ID of bore (mili meter) :
Approximate DischargePer Stroke:
Approximate Discharge per 60 Strokes/min:
20 liters
Approximate Discharge (Litres/Hour):
720 liters
PVC Riser Pipe =
63mm OD * 4.7mm Wall Thickness
MS/SS Connecting Rod Diameter =
10mm, Double Hook
Stroke Length=
225± 6mm

Note: Data Given are recommendatory: There may be some variation under actual field conditions design and specifications subject to change without prior notice.


  • Pamir water hand pumps are suitable for lifting water from depth up to 80 m.
  • It is suitable for bore holes (with same casing size as in Afridev Water Hand Pump) and hand dug well.
  • Pump body, stand (Pedestal), Top Cover, Rubber Components, Plastic Components (Foot valve and Plunger) and Cylinder except Plunger Rods are the same as Afridev Water Hand Pumps.
  • Handle is stronger and Heavy; Ball bearing with different pins and hosting is used this pump instead of Plastic bearing.
  • Pump Rod used in this pump is “Double Hook & Eye”, and is completely different from Afridev Hand Pumps rod.



The complete system of KAWSAR AFRIDEV PAMIR Hand pump consists of four main sub-assemblies briefly described below.


  • Fully fabricated steel structure duly Hot Dip Galvanized.
  • Adjustable handle providing different handle settings to suit different cylinder setting depths.
  • Conical flange with conical rubber grommet provides better holding grip on UPVC Riser Pipe.
  • Fulcrum & rod hanger pins are supported on special grade plastic bush bearing which are very easy to replace at a village Level.
  • Fully covered to avoid any contamination of water. Design offers a stroke length of 225mm.


  • UPVC pipe 63mm (OD) x 4.7 mm thick lined from inside with seamless brass liner 50 mm I.D. x 700 long.
  • Interchangeable plunger and foot valves made out of
  • Interchangeable injection molded delrin with stainless steel.
  • Pick up device mounted on foot valves for easy extraction of Foot valve without removing riser pipe.
  • U-seal, bobbins steel and O rings are of nitride rubber and plunger rod of stainless steel and can be mild steel.
  • Larger dia extension pipe at the bottom of cylinder reduces silt and sand intake.
  • Sleeve is provided for plastic rope to pass for supporting the System during installation and maintenance.


Connects cylinder to pump head and is a passage for water. uPVC pipe 63 mm OD x 4.7 mm wall thickness x 2.9 meters long with socket-spigot cemented joint.

Each pipe is provided with a rubber pipe centralizer to avoid contact with casing pipe.




Rubber Cone
Pipe Centerlizer
Rod Centerlizer
Small Ring
Large Ring
Small Pin
Large Pin