Abyar Hand Pump

KAWSAR Abyaar Na. 6 is a cast iron suction pump, capable of drawing water from shallow depths by creating a partial vacuum in the suction pipe depending as they do on at atmospheric pressure to drive water up to the surface. The pump use is restricted to regions with water table no more than 40-50 teets below the surface. For reasons of economy and convenience this pump has become very popular for serving individual families and small group at communities. Millions of pumps are in regular use in the Asian countries. With minimum sltill this pump can be installed and maintenance can be carried out. lt lifts water twice faster than Atridev Hand Pump.


Recommended for water level setting depth:
up to 18 Meter.
Minimum ID of bore (mili meter) :
Approximate DischargePer Stroke:
Approximate Discharge per 60 Strokes/min:
60 liters
Approximate Discharge (Litres/Hour):
1800 liters
PVC Riser Pipe =
1 ½” D Class PVC Pipe

Note: Data given are recommendatory: There may be some variation under actual field conditions design and specifications subject to change without prior notice.



  • It is Suitable for depths upto 40-50 leets. It is constructed almost entirely of Cast Iron.
  • it is mounted directly on to l '/2" galvanized iron pipe.
  • The Plunger is a molded PVC cop washer which ensures less wear.
  • The checlc valve is a simple leather flap with C .| weight.
  • All moving parts are above ground level and are easily accessible.
  • The pump requires very simple maintenance, using skill and few tools meeting Village Level Operation & Maintenance (VLOM) concept.