Our Products Range

In a world of constant technological change, outstanding PVC, PPR-C, HDPE and CPVC pipe extrusions can only be produced by a company with unique skills. Technical mastery, persistent dedication, and testing without compromise—these are the elements that make Kawsar an international leader in thermoplastic extrusions.
Over the years, Kawsar has also introduced a number of well-received products:

•    PVC Pressure Pipes and Fittings for commercial and Industrial High Pressure application Pipes
•    PVC DWV Pipes and Fittings for Drain, Waste and Vent application Pipes
•    PVC Electric Conduit Pipes and Fittings for Electric Wires, Cables and Telecommunication application Pipes
•    PVC Screen / Slotted Pipes for Well Casing, Water Recycling and Purification application Pipes
•    PVC Pipes Spacer for underground installation of Electric supply lines of PVC Separation between different pipes.
•    PPR-C Pipes and Fittings (Poly Propylene Random co Polymer) for hot and cold water plumbing pipe featuring industry-leading test results for impact strength and durability
•    HDPE Pipes (High Density Polyethylene) for Potable, Chilled Water supply, Cooling Tower, Drip Irrigation and water Treatment application pipes.
•    MDPE Pipes (Medium Density Polyethylene) for distribution and Supply of Natural Gas and Compressed Air application pipes.
•    HDPE Conduit Pipes (Conduit High Density Polyethylene) for Telecommunication, Data transmission, Underground and above ground Electric Supply and Power transmission lines application pipes.
•    Water Hand Pumps for deep wells such as Afridev Hand Pump, Kabul Hand Pump, Pamir Hand Pump and Cast Iron / Abyaar Hand Pump.
•    PVC and CPVC Solvent Cement for PVC and CPVC jointing solvent cement/solution.
•    PVC and CPVC Primier & Cleaners for PVC and CPVC cleaning fluid used before jointing.