Defining Quality

Pushing the standards of quality has been a trademark at Kawsar since the company’s beginnings. On-site, highly sophisticated, testing laboratories feature industry-leading technology and equipment developed to specifications engineered exclusively at Kawsar. The industry’s most current understanding of quality is defined right here.

Flattening Resistance

Uniform strength and product consistency are continually monitored through rigorous testing on all Kawsar products. Flattening resistance is one test method used.

Hydrostatic Testing

Kawsar’s highly sophisticated pressure chambers measure the extreme pressure-bearing capability limits of all pipe sizes up through 24-inch diameters.

Impact Resistance

Durability and toughness are continually verified for each production run. Rigorous drop-impact testing at varying temperatures is one way to ensure Kawsar products exceed industry standards.


Kawsar has research & development team, That team contains well qualified engineers, which not only do work in research & development of product, they also provides a free technical advisory service pre-sales & after sales to consultants, architectures, civil engineers, contractors and valued customers. Including advice on the properties of Kawsar Pipes, the suitability of the material for specific application, the design of pipe lines and the installation of Pipes and Fittings.

The technical services also provides the demonstrations and training of operator, unfamiliar with the handling and jointing of Kawsar Pipes and Fittings. The many advantages and economies possible are best achieved only where Kawsar Products are used correctly. For any type of help i.e selection of pressure class of Pipes, handling, installation, jointing to find inert chemicals for Kawsar Pipes or other technicalities, information and for Catalogue, Please contact our Technical dept without any hesitation. Contact details are mentioned on our website Contact us area.