Quality Assurance


Our experienced technical staff exists to serve you in overcoming any application problem. Skilled design resources and project management capabilities enable us to become closely involved with any such queries, ensuring that the client gets the right Products for requisite purpose. Pipes that will continuously carry the required current at the specified Material/Product type in the prevailing conditions are our priority.

Where necessary we incorporate features enabling product to resist damage from threats such as impact or pressure. Our pipes are designed to resist oil, solvents or corrosive chemicals.

This class of Pipes performance can be achieved only by company working in harmony with the latest developments / technology in conductor, insulation and protective materials. Kawsar Engineering Private Limited is a company which has acquired extensive knowledge of application requirements through experience with large network of Pipe users in almost every type of industry and field.


Specifying the right Pipes for a particular application is the first step of course and key to reliability however, is in manufacturing process. The Pipes must be free form material and manufacturing defects and weaknesses so that the product deliver the ultimate and high level of results.

Kawsar Engineering Pvt Limited constantly monitor all manufacturing processes and impose all the most stringent quality assurance procedures to produce most reliable product. It is a factor which is of vital significance where Pipes are to be installed in locations where future access will be difficult. That is when Kawsar Pipes reputation and resources give you peace of mind. At the same time we recognize that modern commercial and industrial activities create even greater demands on performance and reliability. Consequently our manufacturing units are under constant review to ensure that the control and monitoring of materials and processes becomes even more stringent, fully automatic and precisely documented.


Kawsar Engineering Pvt Limited maintain a close and continuous watch on world developments in Pipes technology and regulations concerning their implementations, so that the products are designed and constructed to be hazard free under prescribed conditions of use.

We use well tested / high quality materials and strictly follow the processes in full compliance with all relevant UK and international standards and directives.

Our Pipes are manufactured for safe use without risk to health on the understanding that user will exercise the same degree of care in their selection and application.