Attention to Details

Kawsar’s manufacturing experience reaches back to the development of PVC, HDPE, PPR-C Pipes & Fittings, Also water Hand Pumps. After producing hundreds of thousands of miles of pipe and extrusions, the company knows exactly what it takes to create quality. In two highly productive facilities, the plant floor is where familiarity with both product and process counts the most. That experience and that growth are behind every inch of Kawsar pipe.


Production begins with exacting blend formulations of the best compounds available – to achieve the desired physical properties consistently.


Single and twin screw extruders have a wide-ranging capability of standard 1/8" to 24" diameters and custom extrusions for the production of pipe, duct, angle, solid rounds, hexes, squares and heavy-wall tubing. Constant supervision and on-line quality testing ensure consistent quality throughout each production run.