High Density Polythelence Kawsar HDPE

High density polythelence KawsarHDPE Conduit , with its high performance characteristics, crush strength , bending radius, and superior pulling ability, gives buried cable much needed security and protection against road utility construction, random dig ups, and rodent damage. Cable and fiber optic Its high tensile strength-to-weight ratio, superior crush resistance, and low coefficient of friction when installing cable makes it ideal for directional boring.HDPE IS Non metallic flexible race way offering a protective pathway for cables and wires, and is used in underground\or inner duct applications.



Kawsar HDPE conduit has been used by leading data and communication network builders. Kawsar Conduit houses and protect Fiber Optic cable as well as any other type of data or communication transmission lines. It can be used for everything from cable TV in residential construction, domestic and international telephone networks, intra-city fiber optic and long distance and city fiber optic networks. The flexibility of our pipe for ease of installation, it may be pulled in through existing conduit, buried in open trench, and run above ground.